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idk anymore

Tuesday Jan 12, 2021, 9:52 AM




Last online: 2-26-2021 5:40am
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  • Ironton, Ohio
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I'm Lexi, you can give me your own nickname as we become friends (if you wanna), for example, my friend max calls me smallfry. (im short ;-;)

nice to meet you!

I generally am bored all the time, and make kandi for fun.

i love scary movies, creepypasta, music, anime, and rollerblading.

my favorite anime is probably Tokyo Ghoul, but i enjoy watching Black Butler, Haikyuu!, The Promised Neverland (finished it!)

I'm open for suggestions on the topics of anime and music

I am a weird bisexual girl that has like two friends lol. Wanna be friends? maybe? please...... *I AM ONLY 14*

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