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Karen, please come back I miss the kids, was my arson not enough to convince you? Karen I know I've been bad, probably shouldn't of killed your dad; but is it really grounds for divorce?

Tuesday Nov 24, 2020, 7:05 AM




Last online: 11-23-2020 10:08am
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Check my phone once, twice, three times, four, just so I can see the second I messaged my mon amour. For a day to her small excursions straight to a donut store where I'm holdin' an open door to convey that I'm spoken for; and it's great, it's a total score, a wonderful set of things, that exist in my present bubble of love, where the petals sing. As they're bloomin' on every flower, movin' to better things, engulfed in a heavy shower ff rain that the weather brings. And, even though my days might be presented slow they pass before my eyes at higher rates than even engines go, and the cycle will repeat itself like history and Reddit posts. So what's the point in fighting? I'm staying up and letting go

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