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Little children, near and far, don't know where your parents are, cry directly in this jar I will drink it at the bar. Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears. Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears. Sip sippin' on, sip sip sippin' on. Sippin' sippin', sippin' on Orphan Tears. These Orphan Tears got me feeling like I ain't felt before, I tried to bust a move but fell asleep on the dance floor (Hey dude, get up!) I swear I saw Bill Cosby like, "Hello, with the pudding!" He was dancing in his underwear showing off his woody

Wednesday May 4, 2022, 6:13 AM




Last online: 5-23-2022 8:56am

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You've never seen a trap or a bando, only time you the pull a strap is when you wearing Velcro, uhh. Say you hit licks, b!tch, hell no. Talking like you gonna do shit but you won't, I see through the shit that you do. Watch me, then steal how I move, your label faked your breakthrough, fake place, fake views and fake you

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