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Outrunning karma, that boy He's such a charmer, all the Bugs and their larva follow Him out to Colorado Ten-dozen hearts in a bag Their bodies lyin', he'll drag Them down to Colorado A modern desperado And he'll race for miles through the night He runs because he knows he cannot hide He's never gonna make it, all the Poor people he's forsaken, karma Is always gonna chase him for his lies It's just a game of waiting from the Church steeple down to Satan karma There's really no escape until he dies

Monday Sep 20, 2021, 4:58 AM




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Legend has it that the moss grows on the north side of the trees. Well, legend has it when the rain comes down all the worms come up to breathe. Well, legend has it when the sunbeams come all the plants, they eat them with their leaves. Well, legend has it that the world spins round on an axis of 23 degrees. But have you heard the story of the rabbit in the moon? Or the cow that hopped the planets while straddling a spoon, or she, who leapt up mountains, while whistling up a tune and swapped her songs with swallows while riding on a broom. Well, we can all learn things, both many and a-few from that old hunched-up woman who lived inside a shoe, or the girl that sang by day and by night she ate tear soup, or the man who drank too much and he got the brewers' droop. Come listen, all ye fair maids, to how the moral goes, nobody knew and nobody knows. How the Pobble was robbed of his twice five toes or how the Dong came to own a luminous nose

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