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teeny bit inactive because life hard but ima tryin my best !

Sunday Nov 29, 2020, 12:47 PM




Last online: 11-11-2020 2:05pm
  • Gender: tbh i have n o i d e a (he / they , nya / nyas , basically any kitty related pronouns)
  • Profile Views: 215

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helo cowards. is ur boy.

im an old man >:D

im into danglegrandpa , a lil bit of homestuck , bnha , ddlc , im a furry , im an age regressor & i cosplay a bit

im autistic and i will gladly eat fruit snacks all day. every day. for the rest of my life.

HERES A HEADS UP im bad at talking so if i dont reply to a message im probably :: deciding what to say , offline , or p a n i c

im probably just gonna add ppl i find cute. so yeah. thats it !


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