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Thursday Sep 9, 2021, 12:05 PM




Last online: 9-09-2021 12:04pm

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  • hI :) my name is Ender or Ash :3 you can also call me Karelin :l
  • I am a minor so .-.
  • Idrk know my sexuality but maybe bi- idk
  • she/they/he/it + a bunch of neos :D (also idc if you just use she/her for me it doesnt bother me whatsoever)
  • i kin lotz of people
  • i’m currently rlly into Minecraft /dsmp
  • discord : duck fangs#3607 ( I change my uzername quite a bit so if it doesn't work then I probablzy changez it :3
  • also the only reason i’m not making kandi right now is cuz i don’t have any string :((
  • I'm married.

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