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color guard is making me lose my mind rn

Sunday Mar 19, 2023, 10:08 AM




Last online: 3-22-2023 5:30pm
  • Gender: nonbinary/lovegender/toxiccoric (they/she/he/it/loveself)
  • New Jersey, USA
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hi!! you can call me sami/wes! i'm 16 and like bunnies and the color pink!

im super into monster high, pokemon, and project 863 at the moment, as well as a bunch of other fandoms i used to be in bc i never fully lose interest in something lolol

my hobbies include color guard, making kandi, and reading self insert fanfic lol

my favorite bands are lovejoy and ghost!

i am tired 90% of the time and hardly ever know what's going on

yeah that's me i guess! <3

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Pokemon Scarlet/violet Singles
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Emotional Support Kandi 2
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Emotional Support Kandi 1
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Phantom Mask And Goggles
  • 3464
  • 4


Rainbow Ufo Cuf!!
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