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0PEN LETTER T0 T0M FULP: there seems t0 be s0me c0nfusi0n ab0ut this. pic0s sch00l is my intellectual pr0perty, and mine al0ne. all 0f my headcan0ns are 100% legitimate, where as y0urs are all laughably fake. there is n0 r00m f0r interpretation whats0ever in pic0s sch00l. n0t even a little bit. t0 claim 0therwise is heresy, and als0 in vi0lation 0f my legal rights as an artist. i h0pe this clears things up.

Sunday Apr 25, 2021, 7:43 PM




Last online: 5-30-2021 11:09am
  • Gender: goregender, poggender (she / they / pog / gore)
  • Roseburg, Oregon, America
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hiii gays im aradia. my current 0bsessi0ns are pic0s sch00l, h0mestuck, and ne0pets

min0r, licen, maid 0f bl00d, derse, lem0n dem0n liker, pic0 fr0m newgr0unds if my bf irl

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