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just finished a new DAVE cuff :D inspired by one of his alt suits //

Thursday Apr 1, 2021, 4:52 AM




Last online: 2-17-2022 2:05am

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im DERRICK, but i rlly like being called HAL or DS! im 15 and neurodivergent-- ive been making kandi since august last year, and like to make cuffs + perlers! i also make a ton of singles that i tend to give out to ppl i think are cool when i go out thrifting or to the craft store to get even more beads. my current interests include HOMESTUCK, HUNTER X HUNTER, dinosaurs, taxidermy, and general internet culture [esp from the og internet era!] :]

my favorite bands/music artists r teen suicide, AJJ, mafumafu, lemon demon, ICP, GIRLS RITUALS, TLT, vampire weekend, and KIMYA DAWSON ! i generally dont take kinning too srrsly, but there r some im very srs about! my current highest kins r bro strider, lil hal, n terezi pyrope [my special interest is HOMESTUCK and it rlly shows in my kins, haha]

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