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mery chirmstat

Saturday Dec 25, 2021, 1:29 PM




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my names r oliver/toby/pup[py]/jester/kitty/box/clown/bug !!! not in any order so just call me whatever u want !!!!!

transmasc !!!! boyflux 2 be specific [search it up if u dont know !!! /nf]

im nd so tone tags are extremely helpful 4 me ,,,, especially with sarcasm

i luv music !!! my fav bands / artists r : ptv, sws, mccafferty, cavetown, cannibal corpse, mitski, lil mariko, s3rl, mcr, millionaires, goreshit, mom, poppy, destroy boys, jack off jill, kikou, n the front bottoms !!!

if i send u a frq and we havent really interacted b4 dw its just me collecting friends !! /pos

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