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H1! MY N4M3 1S M0RG4N, 4ND 1'M F41RLY N3W H3R3. 1 L1K3 D4NG4NR0NP4, UND3RT4L3, H0M3STUCK, DR4W1NG, AND C0SPL4Y1NG!! M4YB3 W3 C0ULD B3 FRI3NDS? 1 D0N'T C0M3 H3R3 V3RY 0FT3N, BUT 1 C4N'T W8 2 M33T U!!! 1 4LS0 R34LLY L1K3 GL1TCH/ SC3N3C0R3 MUS1C :)))))

[Hi! My name is Morgan, and I'm fairly new here. I like Danganronpa, Undertale, Homestuck, drawing and cosplaying!! Maybe we could be friends? I don't come here very often, but I can't wait to meet you!!! I also really like scene/ glitchcore music :)))))]

@Octobergothyc on tumblr :))))))

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First Double!!!!!!
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