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im finishing madoka magica right now and... ouch. it doesnt help that all of my existing braincells have gone into playing too much genshin impact so-

Sunday Feb 7, 2021, 4:04 PM




Last online: 3-01-2021 6:35pm

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hi! i go by beetle, rat, demon, or whatever you want to call me and i use any pronouns other than she/her- feel free to use he, they, or pretty much any neopronouns!

i'm mainly in the, ace attorney, kny, yttd, jjba, nsr, zero escape, ghost trick, ai:tsf, idv, off, and omori, fandoms with a lot more to come!

my discord's demonrat#2461 if you'd want to talk and prefer talking there! i'm not very good at holding conversations, but i'd still love to make some new friends :)

if you want to play genshin impact or identity v together, i'd love to make some new friends to play with, so message me if you want my id/uid

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Neon J And 1010 Singles
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Bunk Bed Junction Singles
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DJ Subatomic Supernova, Sayu, And Yinu Singles
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