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Hi! Im milo/mio, im 18, I go by they/them pronouns i've been making kandi for a few years now and im having a lot of fun making cool stuff! i like listening to mitski, mychem, top, vocaloid music (guchiry and wowaka are my fave producers) and just about anything that sounds cool. I really love video games, i have a 3ds, ps3, 64, switch, and i really like pc gaming.i really love pokemon and legend of zelda games. I like to skateboard and play guitar, ukelele, keyboard/piano, and anything i can get my hands on. I watch some anime, my favorite is mob psycho 100. if you wanna be friends let me know cause im always happy to make new friends :) music theory is so complicated for why?

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Kasane Teto
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Otamachi Una
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V4 Flower
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