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I'll do digital art comms for ss on goatlings

Friday Jun 3, 2022, 7:37 AM




Last online: 6-10-2022 8:55pm
  • Gender: questioning/ possibly genderfluid/ possibly demiboyflux (Any pronouns )
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howdy! im pixel, im really into video games, books and just generally nerdy things. my interests tend to rotate but as of late i have been especially into, pokemon (that ones a constant), sonic, chuck e cheese ( i am fully willing to infodump about that if you so desire), vocaloid (mostly just project diva megamix), and space channel 5. My goatlings is @clownjuice if ur interested

i do not care if you sell any of my designs. i just want credit back to here or either of my socials. do as you please.

i dont care what name you call me by or what pronouns you use. just dont deadname me ( i literally have no clue how you wouldve gotten my dead name unless you are kyle hi kyle)

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