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thumb no longer swollen i can draw again

Friday Jun 21, 2024, 12:55 PM




Last online: 6-24-2024 10:51pm

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Haii!! Im Pixel :3c. I have a more in-depth about me on my neocities if you are interested!!

I am currently fixated on JoJo's Bizarre adventure (plz no spoilers i just finished part 7 and have yet to start part 8). But i also luv System of a Down (dni if you ship any of the band members, gross, that goes for all irl ships too. Those are real people.), Minecraft, browser pet games, and Aliens.

I am super super shy (prolly social anxiety but i choose not to think to hard about it !!) so i will never be the first to reach out but message if you so desire ^_^. Please DNI if you are NOT pro palestine, listen to msi, or proship. Im also really bad at keeping up a conversation, so like i sincerely apologize for that my bad :<.

Msg here for my discord if you want it! i dont keep it anywhere bc i dont like receiving random discord dms ;^_^.

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