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So Here It Is.. My names Ryanne. I Have Many Friends, I Could Be Yours(: I Respect Others Opinions, and Believe Everyone Deserves One. I Also Believe in PLUR P peace L love U unity R respect That's What I Live By. I am 100% Against Bullying. I'm In Love With Dahvie Vanity. I Met Him && Hugged Him At Warped Tour, Aug 3rd 2011 <3 THAT alone made my life (: I Believe In Karma, Ima Vegetarian & Straight Edge. I Am Also Pansexual, && Celibate. Music is My Favorite Drug. Anything Else You Wanna Know Just Ask (: But Who Am I Kidding Who Actually Reads These Things? Love You!<3

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Kandi Top Hat (Rainbow) :3
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