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omw to make perler versions of cat and mellohi dhmu

Monday Mar 1, 2021, 5:26 AM




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uh hi haha i'm luca or ghostca or sakura!! you can call me any of them!!

i like dsmp, fnaf, ena, stardew, danganronpa, off, vocaloid, im just now getting into omori, and a whole bunch of other things. i also make kandi and draw occasionally and would die for any and every good hyperpop artist my grubby little hands can grab onto (im also a minor so back off losers !!! /lh)

i also like tone indicators a lot !! i have adhd and tone indicators are my beloved </3

i play ukulele a lot and have an unhealthy obsession to java monster

another cool thing i do is make art i guess ?!!?! i dont make a lot of it but i do have a lot piled up,, i also write too i guess thats cool :thumbs_up:

i also accept just about any and all friend requests!! feel free to message me if you like, i like making friends with people and honestly i want more friends that make kandi

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