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i love the feeling of seeing someone cool on this website and going "YOOO I WANNA FRIEND THEM" and then seeing that they are already friends with me i just forgot

Tuesday May 18, 2021, 11:53 AM




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uh hi haha i'm luca or ghostca or sakura!! you can call me any of them!!

i like dsmp, mcyt, fnaf, ena, yttd, stardew, danganronpa, off, vocaloid, fnf, and a whole bunch of other things. (im a minor 2 so back off losers /lh)

i have adhd LOL

i play ukulele a lot and have an unhealthy obsession to coffee

another cool thing i do is make art i guess ? i dont make a lot of it but uh yea,, i also write too i guess thats cool

official c!ghostbur, c!wilbur, JD, and c!dream kinnie. so yeah. im mentally unwell

i also accept just about any and all friend requests!! feel free to message me if you like, i like making friends with ppl (despite being socially inept)and i need more kandi making friends please GOD PLEASE

also very last thing my kandi collection is very fucking small and im terrible at singles ideas so if you have ANY suggestions i am open. please help please my god im going to fucking combust HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE GOOD SINGLES

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