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i think c viper from street fighter is amazing thanks for coming to my ted talk

Friday Jul 9, 2021, 6:39 PM




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uh hi haha i'm luca , ghostca , or teacat !! you can call me any of them!!

i like fnaf , ena , yttd , stardew , off , vocaloid , fnf , mortal kombat , and street fighter and a bunch of other stuff (im a minor 2 so back off losers /lh)

coffee my beloved

also !! this was recently brought to my attention . if u support jshlatt , a6d , msi , or anyone else problematic (especially in mcyt) dont talk to me please (unless its a hyperfixation . then pls just dont talk abt them to me). i was in dsmp and mcyt and used to support msi so i know whats good ; leave me alone. also if ur transphobic, racist, homophobic, ableist, p3d0philic, z00philic, neophobic, xenophobic, etc, also dont fucking talk to me <3

i also accept just about any and all friend requests ! ! feel free to message me if you like , i like making friends with ppland i need more kandi friends

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