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Serpentine alarm clock, ringing up a horrid little kamikaze ding dinga-ding dinga-ding.

Wednesday Jan 12, 2022, 8:37 AM




Last online: 4-22-2024 12:18pm
  • Gender: Female (She/Her/They)
  • Quad Cities, Illinois, Funny Oil Hunter Land
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Yo I rarely know what's going on and forget what I say so that's cool

17(Seinor in High School)


Bass Clarinetist

I throw things for sport. (I'm a shotput and discus thrower)

Biromantic Asexual

Professional Dum Dum and Dork

Discord: Dorkyoin#8334

I have ADHD so that's cool I guess

Some of my fav artists are: Caravan Palace, Lemon Demon, Jack Strauber, Fall Out Boy, Carpenter Brut, Cheshyre, and Cosmo Sheldrake

My current fandoms are: Furry(NOT ADULT STUFF), One Piece(kinda),and Madness Combat

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Arrowhead But Small
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I Made A Ball
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Yoo It Me
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