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Friday Mar 5, 2021, 12:33 PM




Last online: 4-06-2021 3:32pm
  • Gender: Transmasc // Male (He/Him :3)
  • George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, They're Lesbians
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Helloooo~ Name's Dave/Davis if you're funky like that

Quick get to know me:

16 w prefronta cortex ADHD, groggy lil man, nintend-hoe (Wii, DSL, 3DS, Switch!), likes knitting, gaming (Horror, RPG, Rhythm, Puzzle r my go-to!), Anime (Psychological horror, Slice of life, Idol + Magical girl genres!) and obviously.... Kandi!

I'm not v open to new people, but ill accept friend req

-Generic likes + dislikes-

♥︎ Strawberries, Cute (but branded!) characters, Potato chips (Jalapeño is a godsend ><!), Monster (OG, Papillion, Pipeline ;))

♡ Lemons, Tall buildings, Lace and Booming noises.


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