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!m sp0!l!ng my futur3 Ch!ak! c0splay

Wednesday Jan 20, 2021, 3:02 PM




Last online: 1-05-2021 9:01am
  • Gender: male (He/they/teeth/void/pog)
  • H0p3sP3ak Acad3my
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! c0splay

All my nam3s ar3: Ars0n/Luck/Cl0v3r

!m a 3nby trans and pan gr3y ac3! M!N0R

!m !n th3z3 fand0mz: H0m3stuck, Danganr0npa, V0cal0!d, Fall0ut, sc3n3c0r3, !nvad3r Z!m, 3ddsw0rld,, Pr0m!s3d N3v3rland, TBHK, and a crap t0n m0r3 fand0ms :)

My fav0r!t3 art!ztz ar3 Mother Mother, Ghost, Gorillaz, Creep-p, Kevin Kempt, Jazmin Bean, Lemon Demon

Blm Acab! 3at th3 r!ch! C0mm!t ars0n 0n Naz!s! Put h0m0ph0b3s and transph0b3s !n cask3ts! fr!ck Trump!

my t0p k!ns ar3: Nag!t0, K0k!ch!, Pg and !ngam3 Shu!ch!

Hyp3rf!xat!0ns rn:Nag!t0, Danganr0npa, J3v!l, D3ltarun3

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