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Im going to irl school next week and Im heavily scared, wish me luck^^

Thursday Apr 8, 2021, 4:42 PM




Last online: 4-06-2021 8:48pm

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Im Jester!

Im a enby trans and gay ace! MINOR

Fandoms: Danganronpa, FNAF, Undertale, Sally Face, Smile for me, Vocaloid, Cosplay, Art, Your turn to die, and more! just ask :-)

My favorite artists are: Mother Mother, Ghost, Gorillaz, Creep-p, Kevin Kempt, Jazmin Bean, Lemon Demon

Blm Acab! eat the rich<3

I am a S i m p, so if we talk in dms, please dont mind the character rambling!

my top kins are: Nagito, Kokichi, Pg and ingame Shuichi

Hyperfixations: Friday night funkin

Pls dont mind my typing quirk, I always add translations :-D

Quirk: i=! e=3 o=0 to,too,into,etc=2,2,in2 and ^^= !

(pfp by me!)

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