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Holy hell I haven't been on here for awhile

Friday Nov 12, 2021, 9:01 AM




Last online: 11-22-2021 6:22pm
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Pretty sure this whole acc might be abandoned, but I'll update it :-]

Im Dustin/Arcade, I use he/it and all tech/horror related neos

Though it hasn't been mentioned on here(bc I forgot abt this website), I'm the host of the Vinyl system, because this is the host acc, I'm the only one to be on this acc

Fandoms: Death note, Ena, TWF, The Mandela Catalog, AHIT, Animal crossing, Hazbin, Helluva boss, Homestuck, Smile for me, Undertale, Deltarune, JSAB, Minecraft(not smp^^), and more B-]

Music artists: Lemon Demon, Will wood, Toby fox, Ghost and pals, kikuo, maretu, dazey and the scouts, and moreeee

Spamton my beloved<3

DNI: Basic dni criteria, endos, hardcore Jimmy Ur1ne/ Msi fans(just fans tbh), prosh1ppers, People who think Ankha is from that one video, and people who ship irl people

INTERACT: Animal crossing players!!! Spamton likers, selfshippers, and anyone who likes the music or fandoms Im in :-]


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