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I would totally commit arson

Wednesday Apr 7, 2021, 11:21 AM




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Hai! mai nam3 iz char1i3 :3 i'm 15 an mai fav0rit3 artiztz ar3 mai ch3mica1 r0manc3, fa11 out b0y, h3artcruzh, jazmin b3an, s133ping with sir3nz, m0th3r m0th3r, cav3t0wn, j3ffr33 star, banzh33, yungblud, wat3rparkz, pa1ay3 r0ya13, p3n310p3 sc0tt, 100 g3cz, panic! at th3 dizc0, an m31ani3 mart3n3z! i'm an abr0z3xua1 ar0mantic d3mib0y an i 10v3 t0 mak3 kandi an drink m0nzt3r!(u1tra b1ack an pip31in3 punch ar3 mai favz:p)

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Scene Punk Kid In School
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