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she goo goo on my barabajagal till i goo goo

Thursday Feb 2, 2023, 5:38 AM




Last online: 2-02-2023 5:35am

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Hi im myles! They/he plz!

i love musicals, the 60s, the beatles and monkees, and obviously kandi!

I've been making kandi for about 5 years! i also collect squishmallows and create other beaded jewelry along with kandi! :)

My fave musicals are hair, godspell, hadestown, alice by heart, spring awakening and jesus christ superstar in no specific order

other than musicals, I really like 60s and 70s music. some of my favorite bands are the beatles, the monkees, crosby stills nash and young, buffalo springfeild, curved air, the association, the left banke, the zombies, and the mamas and the papas. some folk singers I like are cat stevens, nick drake, bridget st john, sibylle baier, linda perhacs, susan christie, and donovan.

I'm currently hyperfixating on the monkees >:))) I love my little groovy guys lol

tone tags are not needed for me but they help! :3

uh that's it I guess lol. oh yeah I'm a minor so don't be weird lmao

my pfp is Michelle Philips from the mamas and the papas if u were wondering lol

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My Entire Kandi Collection :3
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All My 3d Cuffs :3
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My First Ufo Cuff!
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More School Kandi Lol
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Soda Tab Cuff And Some Singles Lol
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Pastel Rainbow 3d Cuff! (pretty Old)
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Pikachu Cuff!
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My First 3d Cuff!
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