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Need new people to talk tooo.. message me?(:

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012, 4:13 PM



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Hey my name is Chloe!(: I love almost every kind of music but my favorites are screamo, dubstep, techno, and indie(: My two favorite bands/arists are A Day to Remember and Deadmau5. I love to rave I just love the whole rave scene but I’ve only been raving for about 6 months. The reason I got so into raving was Kandi and finding different dance styles on YouTube.(ya I watch random stuff on YouTube because I have no life.) I live in mormonville aka Utah. Anyone wanna come save me? Jk(: But for real I hate Utah! I love zombies! My husband is gonna be a zombie!:D But anyways I’m super friendly and reply to all messages can’t guarantee how soon but I always will!(: Add me as a friend and send me a message?(:

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