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どうして ここ に いる?! あっち いけ!

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hi im cora im 15 i love kandi i wear mine all the time if i dont i feel lonely. i love blood on the dance floor, medic droid breathe carolina and almost all other music. i love invader zim. i watch anime all the time my favorite show is Bleach. I glove, shuffle and do jumpstyle. I haven't been to a rave yet.. people judge me all the time i've learned to ignore it. My computer is most of my life the other part is making kandi and hanging out with my friends. if u want to know anything else just ask. Add meh and\or message meh if u want. I don't really like telling people wat to do so わらって ないて うたって はな に なれ サきほこれ いつか ひかり あふれ

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