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drivers school is kicking my ass

Tuesday Jul 13, 2021, 3:54 PM




Last online: 7-22-2021 5:34pm

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hi! i’m 16, and i started making kandi about 2 years ago! plz interact if u also like: lemon demon, splatoon, pokemon, south park, glass animals, bfb/bfdi, mcyt or dream SMP!!if u play mc java then DM me let’s play together :D!!

dm me if u wanna play splatoon 2/nintendo switch together!! ill send u my code

also if u wanna play roblox i would love to

¿hablas español? (estoy aprendiendo)

my comfort streamers include: wilbur soot, quackity and georgenotfound!!

my discord is Tropic#2787

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Wilbur Soot Cuff!!
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Dreamwastaken 3d Cuff!!
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Rainbow Cuff!!
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