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society failed when ppl stopped using profile stamps

Sunday Jul 10, 2022, 7:48 PM




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uhh hihi!.!! i struggle so much with writing intros i'm sorry!. but you can call me leo !!.

i love makin kandi stuff and savin cute patterns x3. i'm obsessed wit decora, scene, and sweet lolita. i'm kinda all over the place ^_^

i accept p much all friend reqs!.!! or msg me anytime i don't bite! (i also SEND a lot of reqs!! sorry but ur all so cool lel)

i'm 18, so if that bothers u feel free to unfriend /lh/nm ! don't wanna make anyone uncomfy :)

current/recent hyperfixes!: yugioh!.! dmmd!!!, jojo's bizarre adventure!!!, sk8 the infinity, sonic, heaven official's blessing/tgcf!!!

my discord is ' leorio#3279 ' and i'm v active there!

!!!! icon by maizie on toyhouse !!!

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Bee Rotator :3
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Furby Necklace
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Candy Kandi
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Wand Necklace
  • 270
  • 3


Ibuki Mioda Cone
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