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I lost all motivation to make Cuff Designs. Ugh.

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Well. I just started making Kandi about a month ago and I fell in love with doing it!:3 I make singles,cuffs and necklaces for now....Im planning on learning more also.(: I'm going to also start making my own patterns...because I think this place needs more of certain things!:D I'll gladly trade Kandi...I already give some to my closest friends soo.. I love making new friends and i'll talk to anyone on here. :3 I do wanna learn to make 3D Kandi. I'm extremely random but im fun and easy to get along with.:3 I'm labeled as "Scene" or "Emo" but I never care. I'm myself, Deal with it.<3 But i'm sure i'll fit in here.(: Music,Art,and Photography is my life and P.L.U.R is what I live for. SGTC and in the MCRmy 'till the end of me!<3 ~KandiMonsterBear I like~ Rainbows,Unicorns,Things that glow in the dark,Boxes,Pandas,Nyan Cat,My Chemical Romance,Kandi,Candy,Invader Zim,Stuffed Animals,Blood On The Dance Floor<3,Kittens,Dinosaurs,Music, P.L.U.R,Clothes,Hair, Mindless Self Indulgence,Paper Bags,Drawing,Orange Juice,Penguins,I Set My Friends On Fire,Zelda,That monster under my bed,The Beatles,Dream catchers,skelanimals,Hello Kitty,and TONS of other bands and things I don't feel like listing.:P I dislike~ People who judge when they don't know you,Liars,Oinions((Ewie..)), And posers.

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