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Hello,My name is Kirby I love Pandas!! I Fricken Love Unicorns and Glitter + rainbows I'm tall,I don't really like it I want to go to Tokyo,Japan because of the culture and environment I have a cat,I call him ,love button. ( that's not his real name ) I eat Crayons!! YUMMY! :DDD I enjoy watching anime, Len Kagamine is the best I love playing board games,go to the mall with friends,drawing, and making Kandi ♥ The Cookie Monster is Fricken AWESOME!!!!!!!! :P I want to go to a rave really bad! But I'm not old enough I do have a rave name: Kirby, I promised a friend that when I get older we will go together to a rave, I have been making kandi to get ready, i know you can't call it kandi until you go to a rave but kandi sounds much better that ( bracelet ) Rice is good, don't really like sushi, I have tried some but it tasted like nothing I love dancing,I'm not really a free styler ,Only on Just Dance for wii, I feel more comfortable I ♥ Boobies ( Keep A Breast ) I like any kind of music, but rap could get annoying at times I'm really friendly , Do You Want To Be My Friend? I like collecting stuffies, I think they come to life while you sleeping or gone I have , ((((Facebook)))) ,Gaia ,Youtube and deviantART ( only things that I go on the most ) I like palying on playgrounds,and going on those little kiddy rides at the mall Swimming and Tennis are my favorite sports 11:11 Is a wish that works,well I believe in it Late night walks,make me feel relaxed

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