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i need to make a carrd or something omg

Thursday Sep 29, 2022, 10:49 PM




Last online: 2-05-2023 7:53pm
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If you use typing quirks please provide a translation when interacting, its rlly hard for me to read them

I accept all friend requests!!!

17 / trans / autistic / gay??? i think???

currently hyperfixated on jerma985

some of my other interests are pretty basic like the band ghost, tf2, fnaf, the batman, gaming, vocaloid (i collect miku figures!! im also looking for other vocaloid figures but its hard to find them in person T^T) while some of my interests are a little more unique like mechanical keyboards, license plates (i hyperfixated on them at one point LOL) and body modification (especially pierings! i have 11 piercings in total, 8 of them are facial piercings) i listen to a lot of different kinds of music but some of my favourite artists are ghost, flyleaf, jack off jill, acid bath, etc!! feel free to message me about interests, i'd love to talk :3

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