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It can't rain all the time...

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I'm me and I'm shy reading, watching Anime and listening to music are my something I always turn to that when a day turns into a bad one which is almost everyday and before you get to know me I will be distances until I get that courage to talk to you but after that I will make you, I love Anime and I can list alot of what I love lets just say Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z helped make Anime be apart of me. I love Sailormoon, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Darling in the Franxx, Tokyo Revengers yup definitely started a list but that's some of the animes I can watch over and over. Plus you can never finish One Piece....Deathnote is a must and so is Tokyo Ghoul. Hayao Miyazaki is my life every one of them My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies are my favorites....Oh I'll even make you love the music I listen too and I listen to anything and everything. From the CLASH, Green Day, Bink 182, MCR, Suicide Boys, The Bunny The Bear, Pierce the Veil, Rob Zombie, Marvin Gaye, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Frank Sinatra, Melanie Martinez, April March, Evanescence, Paramore and lets just say that's a promise. But I started Kandi and Perler because it also helps my depression and anxiety plus I would've done pictures and stuff but i never actually thought I get better but this is one of the things I love to do even when I'm mad about something and start having anxiety I intend to listen to music and put my iPad on to Crunchyroll and have my laptop on YouTube playing while I make a bracelet or 2. I started making them like in 2012 wasn't very good until I kept it up, until now I'm actually good. :) But don't be afraid to send a friend request I definitely like to get to know you and see your awesome creations. :)


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