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Strawberry milk ftw

Thursday Mar 22, 2018, 1:47 PM




Last online: 1-14-2021 6:39pm
  • Gender: Two-Spirit (any neo-pronouns)
  • New Albany, Indiana, United States
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Yo, add and hit ya boy up! I'm really cool :3

I'm mostly a punk/metalhead, but my first gf years ago was one of the most vibrant kandi kids I ever saw; and I grew to like some of the music and really respect the idea behind PLUR(R) a lot!

About Me:

I have lots of nicknames! It's cool to call me Bast, Tian, Pickles, or Mutt! I was born in 1994 and my sun sign is Gemini~! I'm transmasculine and two-spirit, any neo pronouns are accepted XD I'm bi-romantic and on the ace spectrum as well. It's safe to say I also identify as a femboi and catboi, and I agree with trans folx being allowed to break gender roles too and not just sit quietly pretending to be cis! We're diverse and cool like anyone!! I'm white and mixed, I like to represent my cultures sometimes on my gear and imho it always looks amazing. I'm hoping to get good enough at candy to make a whole candy battle jacket to tie patches all over! A perfect blend of punk and rave, know what i'm sayin'?

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Creppy Bby
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Trans* Flag Cuff
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Dab Rig Honey Coaster
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Red Feelins
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High As P**s
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Baby Bong Charms!
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Drippy Shroom
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Big Smile Mask
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Kin  (as In Otherkin)
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