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Well about me... I love to make Kandi. i think it is one of ther most ceative things you can do. it is also a great Way to express yourself and this is why i love it so much. I think expressing yourself is a great Way for people to get to know who you are. I have been makinf Kandi since i was in 7th grade. i am inspired by CellularMango you should know her if you dont search her on here and on youtube. she has lots of tutorials and she is one of the main reasons i kept on making Kandi. I have a Youtube it is llama0zero0art. i dont have any videos yet because my camera is taking a crap but once i get it fixed i will be uploading. Have fun and keep Kandi making :)

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Stuff I Made Last Night
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Weird 3D Star?
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Most Of My Kandi!
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Kandi Star Ball
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Phattie Cuff
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Finding Nemo 3D Cuff
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