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Love to make friends. I am old school, but new to Kandi.

Tuesday Jun 9, 2015, 6:39 AM





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  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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I am a animal lover, I travel to many zoos all over. I am a photographer. When I am home I found beading is very fun. Were I am from there is no bead stores, no raves or anyone around here that likes the same thing. Feeling like the odd one out. I am very new to all the Kandi and perler stuff, which I make and put on my bag. And when I go places and see the smiles and people wondering if they can do that and they ask questions, I give them the website. My goal is to get people to stop being grumpy and smile. I see a little kid that may see what I have made, and I will cut it off my bag and give it to that kid. It makes the kid so much happier that day. You can follow me on Instagram,Tumbler, Twitter and facebook. There is a lot of animal pictures but like I said, I am new to beading and I random post what I made. I will follow all perler and Kandi apps. Give me a shout out, Don't be shy.


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