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Girls love girls and boys. and love is not a choice...

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love all things glittery! love my cats too:Di love to dance and sing plus i do karate:D i love movies but also enjoy a good book.i love to garden and go outside with my friends!:D. Love to make more friends and i accept all friend requests!i love being active! My favorite thing is music!ILOVEMUSIC@kandipatterns.com is what my username should have been;Dhahahah My fave song artist is a youtuber called Madame Macabre! So go check out her channel, because she's awesome. my fave youtuber is aphmau, so go check her out hers too!I love creepypastas also! my love my life are undertale and minecraf, ign in mc is rainbowgirl719 (i know... so original ;P)I LOVE ALL HUMAN BEINGS! im the one waving to someone in a random car driving by.

And ps, i always forget to sign out sooooo, if it says im still on, i may not be. Sooooo yha. toodles

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