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people selling my patterns and not crediting me makes me sad

Sunday Jul 27, 2014, 11:26 PM



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Hellooo, I'm Acid (also known as Scary, Scarybear, or Virus) and I love kandi! :3 I've made a few patterns on this site, and I have an account on KandiTrade too, so if you want to set up a trade, visit me there! Drop me a message or friend request any time. :3 I don't mind at all. Rainbows, neon colors, and stuff that glows are my favorites. I'm bordering on nocturnal - I sleep a LOT during the day and stay up all night. I love combining cybergoth and kandi kid styles and wearing my rave gear EVERYWHERE. If you hate people like me, that's cool - just don't make a point of telling me. xD I really couldn't care less and don't wanna waste my time and energy on old jaded ravers who think PLUR is dead and the new generation of rave kids are just a bunch of drugged-up losers. :3

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Angelspit Skull Perler Necklace
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Perler Plur Necklace
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Cuff Lineup
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Trippy Cuff
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Flower Bracelet
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Kandi Blob
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Biohazard Cuff!
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