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I am one lucky fox!..I was at the chicago comicon (as Angel) my dad invited me so I went my little brother was the doctor I lent him a bowtie and my fez. .and after they went to get Matt Smith's autograph. .apparently he signed my fez as well so now I have the former doctor's autograph sitting on my desk. .goes great with my 4 th doctor scarf..Norman reebus was there along with stan Lee

Sunday Aug 24, 2014, 12:55 PM





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just a geeky fox with nothing to do but draw,design fine kandi,listen to old school 90's techno..i like my bass to go BOOM BOOM not wub wub my main favorite in the electronica field is Renard Queenston you can find my mixes at you can also find me on face book i'm Marcus Heartfield just look for isaac clarke

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Custom Renard Queenston Mask Pattern By Creature_rawr..thanks
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