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Feeling happy! Because.... ( drum roll plz ) IM GETTING MORE BEADS AND STRING TO MAKE MORE KANDI CUFFS!! and maybe this might go on my youtube! youtube: Hamsterlover172101

Wednesday Jan 8, 2014, 3:46 PM





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Hello!!! Im here to tell u a little about myself! I started LOVING kandi when I went to school and one of my friends were wearing one and I fell in LOVE WITH IT! She was wearing a kandi flower braclet and I told her if she can make me one and she did. She made me a domo cuff that I loved so much. Then I decided maybe I can make some kandi cuffs to! So I went on youtube and searched how to make a kandi cuff and then I made one and to me I thought it came out great! ( That is how I found kandi ) Now wat do I like? Hmmm... I like Books, kandi, tv, minecraft, Despiciple me, Fast Food, Writing, Ipods, Tablets, Phones, My Friends, Youtube, Vine, My Youtube Subscribers, Ice-Cream, Hot Cheetos( Or Any Hot Chips XD ), Dogs, Cheetas, Lions, Wolfs, Pandas, And now wat do I dislike? Celery, Bugs ( Exept Spiders, Lady Bugs, ) , Dark Places, Rats, Twilight, and People That Over Exaggerate about little things. That's all and I hope u all have a beautiful Happy Crafty Day! <3

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Pikachu With Headphones
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Fail Mustache
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Almost Done!
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Mustache Cuff
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1st Mini Mushroom Cuff!
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