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I'm a girl gamer artist. I love to draw and create sculptures in my free time when I'm not playing my pc games. It's why I joined this site, to fuel my creative side. So far it's been really relaxing creating bead art. The reason I don't have much bead art posted is because some of my art I'm keeping private. I plan on trying to sell some of the bead art I make and want to keep the sketches I make private so nobody can like 'steal' it I guess you can say. I'll occasionally post some bead art for you guys to enjoy though. And if you guys want I can do request for you guys, even hand drawn ones if you want. If I get requests I'll try my best to fulfill them. Anyway, if you want to know more about me just message me and I'll get back with you later. Bye for now. c:

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Pokemon Logo
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KH Heartless
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