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Skrrrreee! Says the dead fox

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I love hello kitteh! monster energy and zombies :3 ive been making kandi cince 2003 ;3 and have been in love with techno for as long as I can remember. I am a true kandi gurl and always will be :P I have done sooo many kandi trades. but each one means the world to me ;3 I send all sorts of goodies in kandi packages. not just kandi. so if we trade expect soo much more then you think :P stickerz, buttens, real candy, toys, ect. when trading I send in a 6x9 package, and I expect you to trade the same size just to be fair :3 if we deside bigger then it can be done.. for further help with making kandi for me here are my likes: yellow and black, black and purple, purple neon green and black, black and white, rainbow. radioactive, zombies, games,steampunk, hello kitty, little mermaid, nurse-(needles, cross ect) surprize me with anything ill love it no matter what <3 for any other info contact me anytime!!! ;3 PLURR!!!

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