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Siting here trying to find Patterns to make :)

Sunday Aug 25, 2013, 4:09 PM





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Hey its Rose. I am new at makeing Kandi so if you guys have ant tips let me know :) But hey there pancakes xD Ok so yeah i did this on my Wattpad so i tell you ten things about myslef. xD 1: I LOVE Blood On The Dance Floor 2: I'm 14 3: My birthday is on Aug 11th 4: I'm a Girl 5: I'm Scene/Emo (don't Juge..) 6: I'm a vegetarian 7: I LOVE Anmie (message me asking what anmies i like ;) ) 8: I Love Jayy Von Monroe 9: Tean Pancake!!!!! 10: i gave you 9 facts about myself

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