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Busy year for me, in and out but not a lot of kandi made. :S Hopefully more time and money in the near future.

Wednesday Dec 31, 2014, 2:40 PM





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Hay, I'm Rayven. I was born in Riverside, Ca. Grew up there, then moved to Az for a few years, graduated from high school there and now live and work in Washington. I like to craft things and listen to music. I'm not terribly limited on anything but money and time.

Spread the peace, share the love, live in unity and respect all things fact, opinion, object or life.

Thank you for sharing your time and energy!

Hay made a tutorial to share how to make my contoured Kandi goggles! I posted it on my proboard forum...hope its not a problem for anyone, you can leave a message on my board or send me mail here. Hope this helps:


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