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Who's into Roleplay~! :D

Thursday Jun 13, 2013, 7:08 PM





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Hiiiiiiii~! My name is Vanilla, underaged Kandi raver, anime lover, roleplayer, gamer and Happy Hardcore lover! I love to make kandi, even though I have never been to a rave in my life D: I love all kinds of music, from Happy Hardcore, Dubstep, Techno and Drum and Bass! I'm not really a fan of rap, as most people will find out xD I am also into story writing, I am best at horror writing, hehe~ I love Vocaloid, Death Note, Call Of Duty Black Ops & Black Ops 2, DJ S3RL, and anything fluffie!! Yes, I spell fluffie like that xDD Thank chu for readingggg~!! Feel free to talk to me, I always want a friend~ :3


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