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It has been far too long! Hey everyone, I'm back after a two year break from kandi (which was stupid, believe me) So, you'll see some new stuff and updates! :)

Monday Jun 29, 2015, 6:21 PM





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Hey! I'm just your normal ginger kandi kid! I haven't been on in an extremely long time! I took a "break" from kandi and now I am back to it full gear! I am not sure about trades due to I've had a lot of mine get lost and not sent. I have traded in the past successfully, but I spent a lot of money on packages that got lost. Message me or whatever, I don't bite :3 just don't be a creep cause ill ignore you. Thanks for taking time to read my book of a description! XD

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Front Of My First Kandi Bag :)
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Back Of Kandi Bag :)
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Pile Of My 3Ds (:
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And Lastly, The Perlers! (:
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Random Pile Of Kandi.
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All Of My 3ds! :3
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My Masks! (So Far)
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