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lolz anyone wanna do a shipping trade

Monday Jun 3, 2013, 11:25 AM





Last online: 11-20-2013 9:33pm
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  • Olympia, Washington, KANDILAND! XD
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herro ^,^ ima adventer panda and i like shinny things, i bite but not all the time, umm im a seattle raver and i cant really shuffle, i love kandi and the kandi you can eat, i love ainme, ima vary happy all the time normale, i love to teade and get kandi. i hate fakes. im really nice and i love to cuddle XD i get really lonely so i like to talk to people!!!!!!!!!!! i really like to cuddle ops i already said that teehee if anyone wants to hang or meet up in washington either i can bus it or yews can come get meh!! so raawr and stuff yeah i love pokemon! so yeah

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Myliuttle Ponybracet...twosided
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My3-d Satr Cuff
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