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♥EMOQUEEN♥ ♥2 days♥ -MOTIONLESS IN WHITE- ♦kandi♦ ♣Like a Boss♣ ♠T.mills♠ warped tour was so!! much fun moshing was hard i met kellin quinn!! ohh boy he is cute!! and i met andy biersack!!! :) :( i am sad that is over for me but hey t.mills is going to be here next month !!! ~~~ :) ^.^ also 2 days is his name is jake he is a dj (/^.^\) his rave name is busted is its busted +justice= love

Saturday Jun 29, 2013, 6:47 PM





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hi i am jenny come from a small town but.. i am talky fast and love kandis some people call me emo princess or queen ^_^ i dont do drugs i am clean as a bead!!! (=^_^=) born in canada and now live in london!!<3 i love t.mills sleeping with serins perice the veil!! hands like houses suiced silence!! MITCH LUCKER of mice and men abonded all ships and so on and so forth!! and add me as your friend i will acctep unless your a crepper!! -.- hehe <3 BORN IN CANADA AND LIVES IN LONDON lol MOTIONLESS IN WHITE IS MY FAVE UMM MARRIED TO CHRIS MOTIONLESS SO BACK OFF LOL JK ME AND CHIS R JUST FRIENDS WE HUNG OUT WITH EACH OTHER ALL DAY AT LAST YEARS WARPED TOUR c: SOO UMM YA MOSH UNTIL YOU DROP AND SAMASH (WALL OF DEATH) UNTILL YOU R DEAD C:

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