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Dog grooming is so fun!! My wife helped me rediscover s3rl for the first time since like 2014 so ive been listening to a lot of his classics and mashups!

Friday May 28, 2021, 8:28 PM




Last online: 7-03-2021 7:18pm

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I'm Lindsay, I'm 22 and I'm originally from NH but I'm now in AZ with my wife :3 ive been making kandi for roughly 10 years now, i started only making stuff with pony beads when i was younger but now I really only use perler beads for my projects. I'm currently a dog groomer, but i don't have any dogs. I only have one cat named Mudkip and he is the best baby. King baby. Feel free to follow my insta, @PsychedEevee :) I'm private but send me a DM if you request to follow! <3

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Wicked Poggers!!
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Melting Rainbow Heart. ^~^
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