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winter break!! no school for me!!

Thursday Dec 27, 2012, 5:08 AM





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hey!im stephanie,i really like kandi cuffs! i just started making them, so im kinda new to it, but i absolutely love it! i like making new friends, so add me! im not really sure what else to say...oh i like unicorns and rainbows! i love alot of different of music so its hard to narrow it all down, i love anything that has to do with pokemon, im known for wearing bright colors all the time! and im always happy :D and i just got a green and black checkered jacket cuz i love checkered stuff. i finally got a pikachu plush backpack for christmas and i got a giraffe backpack too! i kinda have an obsession with giraffes, im not sure why. well buh-bye. add me C:

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