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ugh running out of beads sucks :(

Monday Oct 29, 2012, 7:03 AM





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hey im nicole, im 13, i love kandi i just started. if u wanna trade just inbox me, I'm bisexual ;) (. Y .) 8===D all the way XD I like girls more, I hav metal issues, but I'm a great person. I can Mae a lot of things out of kandi. um I love scene boy but I love scene girls way more. I would be labeled scene I guess but I don't really care. my mom took away all my ways to communicate with other kandi kids, but she didn't know about this ;) haha. I like baby pacifiers if u make me a necklace with or on it I will love u forever and ever and ever. lol i wish i was inlove but im not even tho im taken :/


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