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Hey guys. I'm Retta. My real name is Shania, I'm a 16 year old Sophomore in High School. I live... somewhere over the rainbow (Iowa) xx I am taken ;3 and my wonderful boyfriend, Jessie is my world. I love him more than I could possibly say. Sadly he lives in a different state, but we plan on making everything work out.. just.. because we know what we have is totally worth it. I'm a part of a few things at school that make me somewhat busy. While I'm not in any sports I'm part of three teams, Quiz Bowl, Speech, and PLUS. I'm also a member of my schools concert, jazz, and elite choir, and our concert, jazz, and marching band. I don't play in marching band though because I'm drum major. I have many loves in my life, the first of course being my boyfriend. My favorite dog breed are Pembroke Welsh Corgis. My favorite band is Blood on the Dance floor. My favorite movie is Rose Red. I also love Photography and hope to have my own small business, Music, Jack Frost, and Art.

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