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i love john

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my names dave strider. im a coolkid and love djing and my amazing dorky boyfriend john. he can be such a nerd and it sometimes bothers me when he wont hold my hand in public but i know he loves me so i guess its all cool. i spend my time making ill beats or cuddling with john watching one of his lame as fuck movies. oh the shit i put up with to keep MY dork happy. our 3 year is coming up soon i cant wait to surprise him with his presents he always blushes so much whenever i buy him anything let alone kiss him. he can be so cute at times when were just chillen on the couch and hes in my lap and some commercial comes on for some dorky movie and his eyes light up and he asks to go see it. i love taking him out on dates and kissing him softly infront of everyone and how he blushes so much. and when were alone at home and he says my name while looking at me from behind his eyelashes with his bright blue eyes and asks if i can spend the night ~TG

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