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i like ice cream!! and kandi

Wednesday Jul 11, 2012, 9:28 AM





Last online: 2-22-2013 3:44pm

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my name is Ty'Kila but like tequilla with an y and a k my favorite color is the rainbow ( without really indigo) i like pop, rap, hip hop, r&b , soft rock ( like country mixed wit soft rock,)electronic, korean, country ( taylor swift) music and im addicted to looking at kandi and making kandi thx to superrenworld & cellularmango if it wasnt for ren i wouldnt kno how to make a backpack or kno about this web and if it wasnt to cellularmango (dont kno her real name) i wouldnt kno how to make a peyote a bikini a cuff ( all kinds) ty u guys XD


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